• Be Creative for Web Development, Web Services and Web Applications

    Your website is the most important communication tool.
    It is the place where you can tell a compelling story to each of your audiences.
    It is the first place a prospective client or employee will turn to learn more about your business. 
    It is no exaggeration to say that a website and your online presence are the heart of any modern professional business. 
    we guarantee you free support for one year after publishing your solution to ensure you are totally satisfied with our product. 
    We specialize in:
    • e-commerce website design and development.
    • online software and portals development.
    • e-website marketing.
  • We will build you a quality, and unique web design for your business.
    It will be built with the latest web design standards so your website won't be outdated in a few years.

    Your website will be developed specially for you.
    we do this because we know that every one has his own goals, and what works for anyone may not work for you.
    Will your website be your company portfolio? Will you write articles on it? will you offer subscription based services?, your needs will determine our development process and techniques. This is why we must understand you needs very carefully.

  • Create an eye-catching user experience website that gives you a unique corporate personality
    that will impress and attract your guests to navigate further into your website and become a loyal customer.
  • Be Creative custom content managment system will help you manage your website.
    Our CMS system is easy to use without any technical knowledge.
    You will not need to hire a prfoessional web developer to manage your own website, you will manage it by yourself or any other person you want.
    We have developed our CMS with a great GUI (Graphical User Interface) so that you can manage your site with basic mouse clicks.
  • Our goal is to provide complete solutions. That's why Be Creative does not overlook the important side of hosting your applications on reliable Linux and Windows servers.
    Be Creative hosting Solutions has many has the infrastructure, resources and expertise required to provide your business with scalable, reliable, and secure hosting solutions that adapt to changes in your business and technology needs.
  • Make your customers happy with fast and secure shopping cart services
    that we can tailor for your business needs.
    With the your Shopping Cart, you can let buyers select multiple items on your website
    and send order to your mail in order to contact them and start processing your order.
  • Internet marketing means the use of the Internet to advertise and sell goods and services.
    Internet marketing solutions can create an effective internet presence for your online property
    and generate a substantial increase in qualified traffic, reservations and revenue for your esteemed company.

Be creative - Web Development Web Maintenance

Keep your website maintained and present the up-to-date information about your products/services in an interactive, organized and consistent format. We help you update and improve your website by one of 2 ways:

  • Be Creative Content Management System (CMS): this tool allows you to keep your content up to date and improve your website continuously having a full control from your end.

  • Outsourcing your website maintenance via our website maintenance plans that are customized to suit your online business needs.

Owning a website requires monthly maintenance to keep it current and optimized.  Website maintenance is much more then updating the pictures on a website.  It is about maintaining the integrity and infrastructures that support the website. 

Why is website maintenance important?

  • Monitor security and hacking attempts at the host and website level.
  • Keep your CMS server software such as WordPress and Joomla up-to-date and secure
  • Ensure domain email traffic is secure and operating normally
  • Ensuring the most current “best practices” and protocols are employed for website and search engine optimization so new clients/customers can find you.


The internet is a fast changing medium.  To market your business without a good website maintenance plan will leave you in the dark and customers may not find you when looking for products and services.

We can maintain business websites, personal sites, blogs, intranets, e-commerce sites and everything in-between.  With over 80 years combined experience, if it’s on the web we can maintain it.  Below is a sample of what we can do for you.

We can do:

  • Add/remove pages
  • Add/remove content
  • Hosting maintenance
  • Domain maintenance
  • Add features
  • SEO updates
  • Traffic statistics and analytic
  • Contest management